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Your business started with an idea that scared the crap out of you... 

in the best kind of way.

 I know that because, well, same.



Taking the leap

Thinking about launching my own copywriting studio brought me back to when I was pregnant, anxiously waiting for my son to make his appearance.


The blend of dizzying excitement, nerves, and daydream-crushing pangs of umm… so what happens next?


But, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to go it alone.


4am Elena would keep me awake at night nattering things like...


There’s more to your 10-year copywriting career than helping the rich man get richer

Stop being a small cog in a giant ecommerce machine, it’s time to pave your own way

What if you used your copywriting powers for the greater good?  

Then BOOM.


The pandemic hit. Maternity leave ended. And I stopped dreaming and started doing.


We all have that WHY nestled within our business.


The reason why we went against the status quo and re-wrote the 9-5. The why that fuels us. The real why we keep close to our chest.

It forms your origin story, today's to-do, tomorrow's goals.  


I’ve shared mine, now let's get to the heart of yours.



The Elena Chow Difference

When you work with me you also get a…



I spent years writing features for glossy mags and I’ve even got a fancy-schmancy Journalism degree that’s hanging up in my home office.


Why should you care? Well, it means I can spot a news-worthy angle a mile-off, spinning your marketing messages into content of all shapes and sizes that people will actually engage with.



I don’t throw a bunch of words at a page and see what sticks. Every word is carefully considered and ladders back up to your overarching values.


Before a single word is written, I spend a lot of time researching, immersing myself in your business world and coming up with a plan of action that overdelivers on your original brief.



You might have started this business alone, but to grow you need to bring on board people you can trust. People who share and understand your vision.


I only work with businesses that I genuinely connect and align with, so I can wave my copy pom poms better than Kirsten Dunst (and if you get the reference, could we BE more millennial?)

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