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Millie Poppins:
Captivating copy for email funnel to nurture, segment, and engage, new leads

The Client


Millie Poppins is a Baby Care Expert and Motherhood Journey Coach, helping mothers navigate those challenging early months. She’s a social media sensation and all-round powerhouse in her niche with plenty of offers from a membership programme to virtual workshops, and tons of free, supportive content. 

The Brief


I had been working with Millie for nearly 6 months, bolstering up her website content with SEO copy and personality-packed copy when she approached me with an email funnel and lead magnet quiz brief that needed help jazzing up – and fast.

She had been working with a marketing agency that created the funnel and quiz idea, but the tone was missing the mark, despite rounds of amends and direction. So, she passed it over to me, to wave my magical ‘Millie Poppins’ wand over the words and get it singing to her and her audience.

The quiz was going to act as a lead magnet, taking each new sign-up through a 17-part email funnel packed with an intro to Millie, free resources and advice and links to Millie’s Motherhood Expanded Membership.   

Initial Thoughts & Challenges

For this brief, the challenge was time. She had 5 days to get the funnel and quiz re-written, built, and activated and I accepted the copy task with only a one-day turnaround of lead-time for me to do my thing.

Also, the existing copy that Millie had wasn’t close to singing – it was humming a beat, out of tune. It had the right components of a classic sales-focused funnel (ie call to actions in the right place and personalisation) but Millie kept telling me “it doesn’t sound like me.” 17 emails and one quiz later…

The Copy Solution


I completely re-wrote every word of her email funnel, taking the tone from ‘informative yet dull with a smidge too much sales-talk’ to ‘conversational, funny, and value-packed' – just like the woman herself.

Millie Poppins Email Funnel Lead Magnet Quiz.png

The Feedback

When the copy hit Millie’s inbox, she didn’t reply with an enthusiastic ‘thanks!’ email back. She sent me an emotionally-charged voicenote that I now play any time I need a little copy confidence boost. Her words, on how my words, sounded exactly how she wanted it to sound in her head, meant she could get her funnel live and let it do its thing knowing it was the best representation of her and her business. Here’s what she had to say:

“I’m reading it, and I’m, like, crying. You have got me 100%!

I’m only up to email 6 and I’m laughing, it’s funny, it’s SO me – obviously, I think of myself as quite funny – but it’s just so realistic.

I know you’re a mum, but that is beyond that. You are so incredible at what you do.

I’m so, so, so excited for this to go out, because I can genuinely see how people will be able to relate to me as a real person and also want to buy from me as well, without being ‘salesy’ at all.”

Millie Poppins Motherhood Journey Coach.png
Words by Elena Homepage.png


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