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Case Study: Voiceover Script

The Client

AS Watson is the world's largest international health and beauty retailer with over 16,000 stores in 27 markets. Brands like Superdrug, Savers, The Perfume Shop and Marionnaud are part of the group. 

The Brief

Remember back in summer 2018 when you received a metric sh*t tonne of GDPR emails asking you to 'opt in'? Basically there was a massive change in GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law in the UK and it impacted every, single business who collected any kind of customer data. 

I was tasked with making the privacy policy crystal clear, without scaring the living daylights out consumers (no we are not spying on you, yes we do track what you click). Together with the legal team, we decided to create an animated video that stayed on-brand and on-topic. 

Initial Thoughts & Challenges

How to take a relatively 'unsexy' topic and make people want to learn more? Because the content is effectively a bunch of legal jargon that we are all guilty of skim-reading and clicking that ultra-invasive pop-up that says 'yes, I sign my life on the dotted line now let me see your website please.'

The difficulty is holding the attention of the audience, long enough for them to understand all the nitty-gritty details. Also, as AS Watson is the umbrella company for lots of global brands, this script needed to have a 'generic' tone that could later be translated for their European markets/brands too.  

The Copy Solution

I kept the tone relaxed, approachable, and easy to digest. I wanted it to be conversational, without slipping into any colloquialisms that could get lost in translation. It delivers facts in layman terms, without losing pace.


Once the script was passed on to the creatives, the animation brought the entire story to life and the result is a video that has been watched in the tens of thousands (yes, really - a video on Privacy Policy no less!). 

Words by Elena Stack of books.png


Need a voiceover script with the wow-factor?

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