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Porto Kea Suites:
Website relaunch & copy revamp for luxury hotel

The Client


Porto Kea Suites is a 5-star hotel, nestled on the shores of an under-the-radar Greek island (Kea/Tzia). Part of Elixos Hotels (a family-run group, with passion and hospitality running through their veins), the client wasn't an agency acting on behalf of the hotel or a member of a marketing department, they knew the hotel inside out and upside down. 

The Brief


The website was in desperate need of a revamp as it hadn't been updated for over 15 years (!). That's centuries in digital years, pre-dating the launch of Instagram and Snapchat no less. While the hotel thrived, being booked via third-party tour operators and travel agents, the Porto Kea Website remained frozen in time with copy that lacked SEO, personality, and accurate information. Enter Elena. 

Initial Thoughts & Challenges

Their existing website was hard to navigate, had limited bullet-point style information, and didn't transport the reader's imagination in any way. It also caused issues for the bookings team as the content wasn't explicit enough so often guests would book the wrong room type for their holiday. Or guests would inundate them with questions on how to get to the island and this complicated back and forth was inefficient and turned guests off.

For Porto Kea Suites 2.0, I had access to a testing site that showed me a new website design, but understanding the atmosphere and USPs of the hotel required a lot of imagination. Luckily, I spent a lot of time catching up (aka investigating) with the client and drew on my own personal experiences of exploring the island and knowledge of Greek hospitality.

The Copy Solution


17 new landing pages later (including engaging content on 'Things to do in Kea' as well as room types and hotel features), Porto Kea Suites has had a complete transformation. Colourful descriptions and evocative language meet SEO to reel in new leads and convert them on the spot. The website now fills in all the blanks the booking team requested, leaving just enough room for guests to picture themselves jumping in the pool or chilling on their private terrace.

The Testimonial

"Her copy became our company voice and brought our websites to life."


Elena didn’t just passively do her job – she challenged every single point that we requested when she felt it could have a negative effect on the reader and that wasn’t getting across the message we wanted to.


She is an expert in her field and we will definitely work with Elena in the future!   

- Mara Dimitriou, Elixos Hotels

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