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Rev up your website copy with an interactive 1:1 workshop

We'll dive deep under your website's hood, tightening up your copy, until it purrs like a well-oiled, client-attracting, high-converting, machine.

If you’re reading this, I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that your website MOT expired a while ago.

Maybe your website doesn’t tell your real story and what you stand for. It might even be promoting offers of yesteryear, with case studies covered in an inch of digital dust. Or it’s sending you dead-end leads (or worse, crickets).


But—and here’s the kicker—you haven’t got a clue where to begin to tackle your list of website woes. Or you do, but you’re procrastinating because… legit anything is more fun than editing the same sentence ten times. (A new trending audio, you say…?)

Look, you’re the expert of your business.


And I’m the expert of mine: selling your story on your website in such an impactful way that you’ll be sharing your URLs with confidence (not shame!), with perfect-fit clients hanging on your every word.


Here’s how we can combine both of our passions…

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Website MOT: Live copy audit + strategy session ​

Jam-packed, hour-long workshop where we diagnose website woes, execute edits in real-time, and craft words that connect and convert at every scroll.  

Two heads are better than one.


Which is why, I’ve created a workshop-style, copy consultation where you'll bring your website woes and business brain and I'll dive into my copywriting toolbox to fix every missed opportunity (and sometimes, apostrophe). 


Ready to zoom away with a shiny, new website words in less time than it takes to watch a nineties rom-com?

What's included / £399






"“You’ve helped me get clear on my message and fall in love with a part of my business that I didn't have much time for or interest in”

- Trish Elebert, Wellness Practitioner + Coach



Expert copywriting secrets coming right up...

While every session is different, here’s a flavour of what we can do:  ​

  • Define your website’s core goal and remap the user journey

  • Restructure website content to craft a compelling and memorable narrative

  • Boost your website’s visibility with SEO hacks

  • Identify and shout about what makes your business so fabulous (aka USPs)

  • Squeeze more out of your existing testimonials to build on your authority

  • Fine-tune your messaging to attract dream-fit clients and repel time-wasters

  • Gain insights into copywriting techniques that you can implement across other marketing channels

4 steps to your new, revved up website


Find a date and time that works for you to book your Website MOT session


Receive your pre-MOT questionnaire so we can hit the ground running


It's MOT time - prepare to be blown away by how much we can achieve in our focused session


Phew, all fixed!

Now *vroom vroom* away with your new and improved website!


Hey, I'm Elena Chow

*Last car pun I promise. 


Confession time: I'm already obsessed with your website. 

I care about the story it's telling your customer, and even more so about the sub-plots and missing chapters. 

And it pains to me to think it's chilling at the bottom of your to-do list because fleeting marketing trends get all the limelight.  

My mission? To get you falling back in love with your website copy. 


Because with a decade of copywriting know-how under my belt, (honed by big shot brands like Sweaty Betty, Superdrug and Secret Sales) I know the growth goals on your vision board can all be set into motion with the right narrative. 


And there's no better place to tell and sell your story, than on your website. 

Want to know why websites are my happy place?

  • How much can we get through in an hour?
    More than you’d think, because I do a lot of work BEFORE we get on the call (which is why you fill in a questionnaire a week prior). I always recommend we focus on 1 to 2 key landing pages on your website (eg. Homepage, and About page) so we’ve identified the top priorities for the session. But, we will keep going down the list of to-dos until our timer runs out – and if you need another session within the next 3 months you have the option to book another one with a cheeky bonus (hint: extra savings!).
  • Can we edit something other than my website?
    Sure thing. I’ve helped people with anything from email sequences to brainstorming ideas for the tag lines and even podcast names! All you need to do is to make a note on your pre-website MOT questionnaire.
  • Can you proofread too?
    The beauty of having an expert copywriter as your second pair of eyes, is that I can spot a typo from three tabs away.
  • I don’t have any website copy yet as I’m just starting out. Can I book a Website MOT?
    My website MOT won't work for you as this is an editing workshop, where we look at copy on an existing website. If you're staring at a blank page and need website copy from scratch check out my full website copywriting package. For DIYers: I share copywriting tips, story ideas, and writing prompts with my newsletter subscribers every week.
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Wanna start our Q&A right now?

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