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Case Study: Video Script

The Client

JobOppO is not your average job board. It's a platform that exclusively serves the Ex-Military Community, helping them find their next calling and supporting the often challenging 'Military to Civilian life' transition.  

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The Brief

In order to introduce the concept pre-launch, JobOppO had briefed a team of 2D animators to create a short video for their social media channels. The aim was to get it shared, get it noticed and to resonate with the people that they'd hope to sign up to the site when it was GO-time. 

When they onboarded my help, they explained they would need 'subtitles' as the video was lacking a little certain something. It was handed over with no audio, no text, and no clear story (and was about a minute too long!) - but I could see the potential. 

Initial Thoughts & Challenges

After chatting to the JobOppO team and getting to grips with the complexities of what it might feel like to leave the Armed Forces, I wanted to get inside the mind of the main character. How was he feeling? He was named 'Steve' by the animators, but he was the embodiment of the entire community and I wanted to reflect that in my narrative.

The biggest obstacle was the fact that I was writing a script retrospectively - which is not easy and NEVER advised. The script should come first, then the storyboard, then your creative wizards. But, sometimes you just have to get stuck in when projects are 3-months deep with a looming two-week deadline. I could make it work. 


With that said, I couldn't change the animation. I couldn't get 'Steve' to smile when I wanted him to. Or walk a different way. He was on his JobOppO journey and I had to follow it exactly. 

The Copy Solution

I wrote a script and created a narrative from the first-person perspective and became 'Steve'. I needed to pack the video with the company's USPs and core values, but in the voice of the end-user - so I played with his journey and name-dropped along the way.


It lacked pace, so I shaved off as many seconds as the animators could allow, without changing any transitions. It was a delicate balancing act from all sides, but we got there and the end result doesn't simply tell you random bullet-point facts about the company, it tells an emotive story. 

The Testimonial

"Transparency, honesty, and value are all key elements of our ethos. Elena works in exactly the same way! "


No matter the subject, tone, or objective - Elena's passion to understand and align her vision to the company and the audience is very clear from the results she delivers.

The depth of knowledge you have learned about JobOppO and our audience built a great foundation. Pair that with the quality of work, flexible working, and the level of detail really sets you apart from others.

- Chris Morris, JobOppO

Copy services provided: New website copy, email copy & creative content

(blog articles, video scripts

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Need a narrative that leaps off the page and is irresistibly memorable?

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