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Creative agency,

making game-changing moves?

Hire a freelance copywriter & strategist who gets it

Hint: that's me ->

You've planted your best prospecting seeds and now they’re sprouting all over the shop.

Your copy team are giving you a death stare every time you ‘just check in’ how things are going.

Sounds like you need a freelance copywriter to step in, get shit done, to keep your team sweet and your clients non-the-wiser.


Look, I know outsourcing is great in theory.

But, somewhere between the fifth round of amends and third 'quick call', you wonder if it would have been easier and quicker to have written the bloody thing yourself. 

I’ve been there. I was you.

Working in an agency, looking for that golden freelancer that got it from the word GO. 

Someone who could dial it up and jump on client calls when I needed their creative brain, but who could also lock themselves in a dark room and create word-perfect copy when I’m in a time crunch.


It’s not too hard to ask, right? RiGhT?

They were SO hard to find. So, I became one.



"You're so reliable, and I know whatever you deliver is going to be spot on.


You don't create extra work for me in proofreading or editing; I never have to tweak your work which is a breath of fresh air!


Your writing style is engaging, every piece is always packed with personality, and you always find the right balance between a casual and informative tone."

 - Emily Venables, Lead Copywriter eLab marketing agency 

Ready to scale up your team fast with a
brief-once-love-forever freelance copywriter? 

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