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Millie Poppins Motherhood Journey Coach.

"I have never clicked with a copywriter so easily before. You just get me."


It’s literally like you are inside my brain, anticipating my next concept ideas and nailing my tone of voice every single time you send me new copy.


Every single thing you have sent to me is faultless. Not even a typo or missed SEO opportunity. You cover everything time and time again.

I would hesitate to recommend you to anyone as I want you all to myself!

- Millie Poppins, Motherhood Journey Coach

Copy services provided: Website copywriting package + email funnel copy


Words by clients

The only time I'll encourage you to read words that weren't written by me... 

"From start to finish Elena's invested in your business and wants to achieve the most for you"


She takes care to understand your brand and her copywriting skills are a work of art.

If you’re looking for a copywriter, Elena is your go-to! 

- Olivia Iasonos, Embodied Human Design

Copy services provided: Launch package + website copywriting package

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Chris Morris JobOppO.jpg

"Transparency, honesty, and value are all key elements of our ethos. Elena works in exactly the same way! "


No matter the subject, tone, or objective - Elena's passion to understand and align her vision to the company and the audience is very clear from the results she delivers.

The depth of knowledge you have learned about JobOppO and our audience built a great foundation. Pair that with the quality of work, flexible working, and the level of detail really sets you apart from others.

- Chris Morris, JobOppO

Copy services provided: Website copywriting package, email & regular copy support

"Her copy became our company voice and brought our websites to life."


Elena didn’t just passively do her job – she challenged every single point that we requested when she felt it could have a negative effect on the reader and that wasn’t getting across the message we wanted to.

She actually went above and beyond the scope of the project, she happily gave us guidance on how we can create a marketing plan for the new hotel including useful tips about what we should be on the lookout for when we work with marketing agencies. 


She is an expert in her field and we will definitely work with Elena in the future!   

- Mara Dimitriou, Elixos Hotels

Copy services provided: Website copywriting package

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Escape Studios.jpg

"Elena is an inspirational tutor and truly imparted the love of creative writing to all who attended her lessons."


We received only positive feedback from attendees, and they reported back that their skills genuinely improved because of her guidance. 


In addition, Elena was an absolute pleasure to work with as well as always more than willing to help our students out with any issues they had or particular queries.”

- Martina Sargiacomo, Escape Studios & Pearson College London

Copy services provided: Creative writing workshops

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